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Québec/La Malbaie

A bus service makes several Quebec / La Malbaie connections every day.

Departure from Gare du Palais or Gare Sainte-Foy. Terminus 5 minutes walk from the Auberge.

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Montréal/La Malbaie

A daily bus service runs several Montreal / La Malbaie connections.

Depart from Montreal Airport or Montreal Coach Station. Terminus 5 minutes walk from the Auberge.

Possibility of transfer to Quebec.

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Everywhere in Quebec

Car pooling is a good way to get around at a lower cost, meet new people and fight against the phenomenon of private cars. In Quebec, carpooling is very well developed; you will easily find what you are looking for thanks to the various websites.

Here are two carpooling websites.

Groupe Facebook co-voiturage

1. Benefits of hitch hicking

This approach is by far the most sustainable, the most adventurous, the most memorable and the least expensive.

2. Montreal

From Montreal to Quebec, the traffic is intense, so take your time to choose a person who is going directly to Quebec to avoid dropping you off at any exit.

3. Quebec

To get to La Malbaie from Quebec, only one road is necessary, Route 138. It is therefore a quick, easy and safe hike.

4. Goal

Ask to be dropped off in downtown La Malbaie where the Auberge is located.

Adventurous? Hitchhicking

  • Hitchhike during the day, during rush hour if possible. But never at night.

  • Hitchhike where the driver has room to stop safely.

  • Always be courteous, smiling and polite. Your attitude will make the driver pick up the next person or not.

  • Take a short minute to chat with the driver before boarding. Where are you going ? Why ? This gives you the time to judge the person and especially to check if he/she is intoxicated.

  • Take a quick look inside the car, it will reveal a lot about this person.

  • Once on the road, take a look at the driver. If he picked you up, he surely wants to talk.

  • When disembarking, leave the passenger side door open while you collect your personal effects from the back seat or in the boot. This prevents the driver from locking the doors and having a sudden urge to leave with your belongings.

  • Dress soberly.

  • When in doubt, plan ahead and take a photo of the license plate with your cell phone.



Here are some ideas for eco-responsible means of transport to get to the La Malbaie Youth Hostel. See you soon!

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