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Eco-responsible policy

The hostel is continually improving its procurement process and providing its customers with high-level products and services, in an effort to reduce the negative impact of its activities on the environment. We are members of Here we recycle, we are part of the Charlevoix World Biosphere Reserve, Aventure éco tourisme Québec and the Route des saveurs de Charlevoix.

We are proud to assert our environmental leadership in our magnificent region. We are members of Hostelling International, Aventure Écotourisme Québec, Vaolo, Route des Saveurs de Charlevoix, Ici on recycle and Biosphere Reserve of Charlevoix. We are also the recipient of the eco-responsible company of the year award by the Charlevoix Chamber of Commerce in 2018. We are the first company in Charlevoix to have invested in a non-polluting residual biomass heating system in order to replace our old system fuel oil. This represents a reduction of 14 tonnes of Co2 released per year. During your stay, $ 2 per night is used to finance our biomass system and its maintenance. By sleeping at the Auberge de Jeunesse La Malbaie, you are directly participating in the common effort for healthier air.

The La Malbaie Youth Hostel also promotes sustainable tourism that respects local communities, promotes intercultural exchanges, encourages local suppliers and enhances our natural spaces. We offer alternative and affordable accommodation to maximize your experience. Woofing, car-free travel, carpooling and connecting with nature are encouraged initiatives.


Thank you for being aware, for consuming intelligently and for encouraging an eco-responsible business.

La Malbaie Youth Hostel has always relied on a sustainable development approach. Our eco-responsible policy influences both small everyday things such as recycling and bulk purchasing as well as the deeper values ​​of our company such as local purchasing, the enhancement of our natural heritage through the outdoors, community involvement and reduction. of its carbon footprint.

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Auberge de Jeunesse La Malbaie

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